Some thoughts on decision making.

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Our decision-making process is always more important than just making a decision. A well informed and transparent decision has a higher chance of successful implementation than a lucky guess.

  • When making a decision, keep asking yourself or your team “So what?” And keep asking it until you have identified all of the implications.
  • When presented with the “facts” in any decision-making process, ask “How do you know that.” Try to understand the political, cultural and social elements of the presentation of the “facts”.
  • Having make a decision — read it out loud to yourself and those around you. And ask “So what?”.
  • Having made a decision, make sure it’s understood by those that have to act on it. Simple open questions like: “Do you understand what you have to do”. “What physical and intellectual resources do you need to carry out this decision”. “What might stop you complying with this decision?”



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